All you need is a little imagination

Ok, so this is clearly a ripoff of something somebody else is doing. Namely, as we all spiral away from Berkeley as molecules spiral out from the center of the universe (and yes, i did just compare UC Berkeley to the center of the universe, but since no one is reading this, no one can care…a tree in the forest, dudes) there are stylish looking weblogs that let one person bore another to endless, timewasting tears with what they are doing in (insert far-off local here). So now a little about me for those of you who forgot why you were reading: If i knew how to change the subhead, it would read to Coney Island by way of Disneyland. This is the story of my journey from a certain unnamed newspaper in the City of Angels to a particularly anonymous university in NYC. I hope that it will chronicle a) the inane goings and comings of the world outside of B-town b) the news thereof c) a place to link my own portfolio and finally, d) a place to read the by far more interesting fictional shiznast produced in these next two years. The Reimagineers–District 47, NYC

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