Hungry Hungry (Bored)

I am at Moffit, tired, hungry, and bored. So bored, in fact, that i can’t even complete my stated task, which was to actually WRITE MY THESIS. Since anyone who would read this is also writing a thesis, i won’t bore you with the particulars. A friend of mine (we’ll call him…Shlomo) and i recently agreed that it our theses have devolved *GREAT IMPORTANT MOMENTS IN HUMAN NATURE* and *THE UNITY OF THE GLOBAL SOUTH/3RD WORLD/DEVELOPING NATIONS ACROSS CULTURAL DIVIDES* to “why (insert group) is a whiny bitch.” Or in my case “why this subject of study conclusively doesn’t matter.” We have discovered, through painstaking, Rx-increasing research that the western capitalist euro-oligarchy of the world wins again. WCEO: 1- Imagineers: 0 😦   


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