Acid Graduation

What a world, what a world. MMB, Lucky Star and I all bought our grad gear today (caps, tassels, gowns), all very surrealist Cinderella captialist lala fun. We’re sitting in the ASUC Naia Lounge (I think Naia must be italian for “runs in the red”), watching oodles of soon-to-be freshmen “learn” things, and all i can think is “does lsd show up in piss? And if so, for how long?”

That’s right. I am cracking up. That is, I’m graduating.

Suddenly, i wish that instead of conducting mock-sobriety tests on Sproul, the UCPD were demanding another graduation speech *ala free lunch, for those who remember* , condemning the rampant abuse of psychotropic drugs. How else do we explain this shit? Ask yourself. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?


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