The food crisis, and what EPS80 won’t do about it

I am mad. Mad at Rocks for Jocks, the last class that stands between me and eternal salvation, aka my UC Berkeley B.A. Our archaic, fossilized prof emeritus  decided that he was actually so old that, instead of the Geology course we all thought we’d be sitting through this semester, he’d teach some shit about sustainability. Maybe he’s just a douche, or maybe it’s the weird goiter/thyroid-cancer thingy feeding off his brain, but for whatever reason, he has massively fucked this up.

Here we are, in the midst of a famine/global food crisis, worse than anything we’ve seen since disco (Imagineers: 1973-74), which is fundamentally caused by pressure from around the middle (read, the American corn belt), to find some new way to dump corn in massive bulk. Hence, ethenol. So why not talk about that???

Here’s the breakdown: instead of “science” we are learning the evil trifecta of “The first world must tame its Brave New World hedonism! Organic good, GMO bad! And my favorite, It’s China’s fault!”  Anyone who knows from Uncle B or Mr. Molecular Biology knows how i feel about all this bullshit. Anyone who knows from fucking science knows how i feel about this. This, this my friends is quackery. Instead of embracing technology (which, by the way, will continue to exist whether or not you LIKE it) that could potentially improve the quality of life for them over there by orders of magnitude, we encourage fear mongering and reactionary thought among the nation’s elite educated class. The fact of the matter is, if we aren’t willing to start whispering dirty words like “nuclear power” and “genetically modified rice,” we aren’t willing to change.  This, dear readers, is unadulterated bullshit.


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