There is only so much Bollywood music in this world…but there is SO MUCH

One thing Imagineers love is imagination. Inventing things, or turning them on their heads. Scheming, Boris and Natasha style. 3rd World Imagineers like music in mixed up genres, like Bollywood, klezmer punk, reggaton, grime and the occasional cartoon theme. So sometimes, when we are doing tasks that feel incredibly, larynx-crushingly boring, the only relief is some incredibly peppy Khan (at large)  vehicle themesong. Like Bum Bum Bhole from Taare Zameen Par, for example, or Chak de, INDIA!

Jhalo! We could not be happier. We will start a dance party in the middle of the stax. Until we realize we are in the middle of the stax, and that at max volume not even the person in the next seat, not to mention the next floor, can possibly hear our call to cartoon arms.

Trying to write about a perfectly Imagineery theme has become an exercise in masochism, masochism practiced publicly in the Moffit dungeon. Masochism compounded by the sure knowledge that I MUST get an A- on this beast in order to wear the pretty little cords at graduation. Come see for yourself, assuming you’re into that kind of thing. Just don’t forget Dil Chaata He.

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