Ruben Salazar stamps and all that is right with the world this week!

Food crises and baseball scandals aside, it’s been a pretty good week. While you and I stoke the fire waiting for the Bush stimulus package to arrive in the mail, lets take a recap, shall we?

First in this week’s line-up of Putin-approved “good news”:

OMG, all this time, the overlords at the USPS were actually *listening! For joy! At last,  Ruben Salazar, the LA Times journalist brutally murdered by the LAPD in 1970, the man for whom I named my fictitious EastLA  elementary  school,  will grace letters to my grandma. What undeserved joy!

In other news, my youngest uncle turns slightly older, my youngest sister tests out of high school, and I finish the first draft of my thesis. As soon as i figure out how to do it effectively, I am going to start posting stories up in here, so look forward to a revised draft of 90/60, 36C coming up! More to come, but for now, Pesach!!!!

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