Working-Class Playground

As promised, this is the first in what will undoubtedly become zillions of posts on the stalemate in NYC’s 47th, the Coney Island Redevelopment Plan. Not to get all Berkeley on it or anything, but for those unaware of the plan to gentrify/homogenize this working class/immigrant po-jo neighborhood, get yourself an education! Set, and i will tell you how it all began.

Well actually, no I won’t—that’s what the link is for, my maosketeers. I wanted to take this opportunity instead to share a quote from said article, recently said by one Marty Markowitz, affable (and flabby) Brooklyn borough president, grinny civil-imagineer and local favorite  mayor after Bloomberg (heretofore to be know as AB):

“Coney Island was always a working-class playground,” he said. “We should preserve the amusements for future generations. I welcome a water park, movie theaters, a bowling alley and House of Blues. I do not want to see another generic shopping mall.”

*New York Times, “City’s Coney Island Design Revised to Break Deadlock” April 17th, 08

How imagineery is that? If we were playing ski-ball, this would be some middle ring scorage.


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