Progress Quest

Just a few updates about the world around the world. In brief:

-The Matzoh shortage continues, and we continue to hunger

-The global food shortage is so bad, Sam’s Club (aka WalMart people, c’mon) is putting the kibosh on hoarders by rationing rice—basmati and sticky, brown and white—sold at it’s California stores. That’s California, USA folks

-Mayor Tom Bates marches towards progress by pretending he will get reelected (hate hate hate hate hate hate hate) and making up some dumb shit about daylighting Strawberry Creek and greening city buildings when what we really need is some fucking streetlights and a business plan that will keep doors open along the city’s major arteries. He also marches
into EPS 80 on Wednesday, so brace yourselves

In good news, here are two of my favorite news items from this week:

Gypsy feud brings amateur ethnography,  immolation to the LAPD

The murder of Rose Marco, 57, is also being investigated by the homicide report, which should be a permanent link on this blog. On a happier note:

Finally, Moscow will see Taare Zameen Par


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