Evil Imagineering

Update: Be forewarned; now that the thesis is done, the next few weeks will be devoted to gearing up The Reimagineers and the latest headlines every Имаджинир should be reading.  It’s Tuesday y’all—gotta make moves.  There’s some shit in the news this week so gruesome that you shouldn’t even violate your eyeballs with it.

How Imagineery/vile is this? Gangs of thugsters in Mexico DF calling families of “kidnapping victims” who are really safely not-kidnapped. Only in Mexico, I guess. If it weren’t so evil, it’d be genius.

Around the world, Russia’s population keeps declining, thanks to alcohol and abortion. Apparently, Putin is not a sex symbol.

I should permalink the Homicide Report, because who doesn’t love that? LOVE IT. The homicide report is the only officially recognized blog on this site. If you want some kind of link fest, go somewhere else. Like the Homicide Report. Go there. Now.


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