It’s been a while—the underpants edition

So, maybe its been a little while since I posted. Unfortunately, unlike Mayor Villaraigosa, I have not been in Isreal appeasing myself.  No, dear reader, I have been on a far more sinister path, though one which ultimately leads to salvation. Yes, in these past three weeks i have A) graduated B) gotten a job and C) moved to a new major metro, out of the cage— *and yes, you can see pictures of me literally in a cage in my cap and gown—called Berkeley. Unfortunately, after a weekend of relative happiness and bliss, Dr.T was sucked back into the void. Meanwhile, I’ve been interviewing, drug testing, undie-running, and generally being fucking out of control. Just kidding, things are pretty normal on the homefront. Shlomo and I spent some anti-quality time in the South-South land. And then there was Disney—but more on that later my maosketeers. For now, sleep.


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