A imagineery Times of India article about the Wonderful World of Facebook. Apparently, the Facebook has made the long overdue syntactical magic-wand-wave forcing users to pick a gender. Step right up, folks! Pick a gender, any gender!  What at first seemed boring/and or annoyingly Berkeley/SF LGBT-PC (i’m sure the story will that angle very, very soon…it may take as many as four pico-seconds), turned out to be a proverbial thorn in the side of Facebook’s army of translators. Yes, users in Bangladesh need you to please specify your gender so they can stalk you.  How imagineery is that?

According to the Times:
“In English, when users fail to specify what gender they are, Facebook defaults to some form of the gender neutral, plural pronoun “they.” That option is unavailable when the plural is always masculine or feminine in other languages.”

Yes, around the planet, everyone loves wasting time on the Facebook.

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