Mauled by the Bear Market: Food costs rising, health on the down

A deeply necessary trip to the grocery store leads to today’s post. It’s pretty hipster to defect from mainstream anything, and we all know how I hate those kids, but as of today I officially defect from the mainstream grocery stores. Turn in my Ralph’s card and forget Trader Joe’s. If it’s not Valley Produce or Foods4Less, I just can’t do it.

That’s because, according to the Fed’s (via the NYTimes) “the cost of food for what the government considers a minimum nutritional diet has risen 7.2 percent nationwide” this year. Since I’m bad at math, that’s like nearly a ten percent rise on an off-brand, mostly processed 2000 calorie a day diet. Conventional wisdom holds that a rise in food prices might start affecting America’s expanding waistline (food costs more=people eat less, right?) but what we know about 1st World poverty and from the American Academy of Pediatrics, pretty much the opposite is true.

According to the AMA: “[Obesity] kills more Americans every year than AIDS, all cancers and all accidents combined”

There are already “deep racial and ethnic disparities in childhood obesity” that, with the increased cost of food, and especially of fresh, green food, will continue to rise.

It’s a bad time to be getting sicker.  More of the same from Los Angeles.The Health reporters at the LATimes continue to kick ass and take names, despite their newspaper’s own precipitous decline of late. In today’s paper, a tiny bit of digging in the state files reveals that about 100 California hospital patients are harmed a month by totally preventable errors. You may be shocked. Your mother may be shocked. But Pop Teal and I, we are not shocked. At all.

When you’re sitting there reminding the night nurse to do the peak and trough on your IV meds, or that, hey, that insulin is for my geriatric roommate, well, not a lot about the american healthcare system shocks you. Like that one time, when I was 11 and my appendix was removed prophylacticly during an unrelated surgery. Weird shit happens. Unfortunately, California’s quirky hospitals are also killing people.

Maybe we can start selling our organs. Boost the profit margin for the health industry, make a little extra cash for the instant french roast.

Hello 3rd World. It’s us, the 1st. Turns out, the recession/global food crisis thing is sucking for us too. I know, sux right? Totaaalllyyy.


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