Coca-Cola as an economic indacator

Coca-Cola, universally and simultaneously loved and reviled by the poor, poor nations, and American gastronomy, may be the best indicator of overall economic health on the long-suffering continent of Africa, says the Economist (via NPR).

Turns out, tons of the carmel-colored, sugary stuff is produced there, and the local price is relatively low (compared to someplace like India, where it’s a fairly lux item.) That means poor people (aka the majority of the world’s people people)  in Africa can afford to drink a few 20cent bottles a week, when times are good. Coca-Cola Africa cheif, Alexander Cummings said the company ends up with its ear to the ground on political unrest, economic and social strife, because those all impact how the poor spend their limited income, or whether they have it to begin with.

Fascinating. Maybe Coca-Cola will become part of the UN poverty indecies. ONly time will tell.


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