Teach for America(‘s Playground): The South Brooklyn Quiz

Got my first inside source, a bilingual high school teacher in South Brooklyn; all told, more than half the students at his school do not speak English as their native language, and of those, only a fraction are functional or proficient speakers of it. Oh, and everybody a) hates each-other b) languishes on foodstamps and welfare and c) fails. Can our hero save the day?

Test your own South Brooklyn knowledge and see:

1) Answer the following question on the subway: “Are you Russian/Mexican?”

a) yes b) no b) well, actually

2) In New York City, you can take your Regents Exam (similar to STAR or CAHS exit exam) ENTIRELY in:

a) English    b) Spanish

3) In South Brooklyn:

a) blacks hate mexicans  b) russians hate blacks  c) mexicans hate eachother

d) all of the above

4) Most Mexicans living in New York City are:

a) Catholic   b) Evangelical   c) Mormon

5) Most “bilingual” classes are taught  primarily in:

a) English  b) not-English   c) an even mix of both

6) Knocking your math teacher out with a fire extinguisher is considered:

a) assault and battery  b) fun  c) a non-reportable infraction of district policy

7) The best way to deal with a minor classroom disruption is to:

a) send offender to the principal   b) detention  c) threaten to call mom on her cell (at her second job)

8) When faced with a defiant student, administrators will:

a) threaten suspension, or even expulsion  b) threaten to involve law-enforcement  c) threaten to call immigration and have the offender’s entire family deported.

Try your hand. Answers available upon request (otherwise I will probably post them in the comments in a couple days.)


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