Obtuse is the new Arrogant

Ninety percent of everything is going 90% better than I expected. I’m finding something I’d never expected in Island-Beach, and it’s beyond wildest dreams. It’s exciting to work in South Brooklyn. Like, on the first day of school, I found myself on the train with several hundred new high schoolers in the manic ecstasies that are the first days in September. Them, and about a dozen cops with German Shepards barely on the chain. On a train that sat for four minutes on the platform at Sheepshead Bay and never opened. Found a Mexican Yeshiva. A laundromat and a new favorite grocery.

Uptown, everything finally evened out with my classes, and now I have the Shanghai bureau of the New York Times advising my Master’s Project and the Deputy Managing Editor of the AP waxing international to a class that wouldn’t even make minyan.

And then there’s…the domestic.

Aside from the filth (and that’s a heavy to just shove off), there are some really unjustifiable angles in this house. We’re talking 170 degrees.  I honestly never knew the meaning of the word before now. And now, oh boy.  I can’t get into specifics for truely OBVIOUS reasons (although maybe they wouldn’t be obvs to certain folks) but I’m praying it all goes through with my paperwork next month, and then maybe we can all laugh about it.


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