это не телефоный разгавор!

For reasons we won’t go into now, that is a totally ironic title for today’s post. But to the point.

Day 2 in TJK’s Int’l Reporting class totally shattered my previous impressions. Who knew JOURNALISTIC ETHICS were hilarious?

I had two unpleasant incidents with men on the subway today. One, a scraggly broke-toothed and cigar stained deliveryman, followed me from my apartment to the subway and then for more than 5 stops past where he had said he was getting off. The other, who reeked incidentally, kept scooting closer to me on the bench, even though both of us were equally skinny.

Later, Laurie and I traded stories about dysentery and giardia over dinner.

All of this had me thinking a lot about India. I was watching the video for Yeh Tara Woh Tara (here a star there a star, by AR Rehman).

Ironically, it is from a movie called Swadesh, an SRK vehicle in which Shah Rukh realizes that when he finally lands his dream job at NASA in DC (it’s bollywood) all he really wants to do is go back to India. i didn’t even read a synopsis of the movie; this is literally spelled out in one minute.

And I realized I missed India. Maybe it’s a disease. Better get the kit.


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