Stop that White Rabbit! If you too love Chinese White Rabbit Candy please be advised: authorities believe this candy, known to aficionados and the chronically high as a molar-ripping, drool-inducing milk-and-sugar delight, has been affected in the Chinese tainted milk incident that has sickened thousands in that country. Put them DOWN.

The delicious White Rabbits, available for less than $2 at most Bay Area bodegas and groceries, may be contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, which causes renal problems ranging from stones to failure. Gothamist has the whole story here. If you eat as many as me and mine, you too could end up like the infants whose IV-in-cranial-vein photos have splashed CNN all week. Not cool.

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  1. del

    that’s awful! awfully hilarious also because me and my mom were going to send you a care package with those included in it. we still will of course (minus the potential poison delights). let me know about where you living, so the package might be sent.
    much love.

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