Colombian Imagineering

“Stealing books is a crime but not a sin”
-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

There’s just something about poor war-torn Colombia and books. If you don’t think so, check out the New York Times slideshow on rural Colombia’s Biblioburro—that’s library donkey, for those not in the know—a team of one teacher and two donkeys who routinely travel to the most dangerous and conflict-ravaged regions of the country to bring children the light of literacy. On a donkey. When Luis Soriano dies and G-d asks him, what did you do for the world, he an say, look gue, I hauled 4,800 books through a war-zone on donkeys oh-so-preciously named for the alphabet. To children. What the hell did you do?



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Filed under 3rd World Imagineering, Bibliomania

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