UPDATE: Chabad Mumbai–A Prayer for Baby Moshe

A tiny piece of the Mumbai mess that might be interesting to readers of the tribe. Rabbi Shmotkin of Chabad and his host Ari Goldman are speaking on blogtalk radio with Dean Sree about the Chabad house still under siege in Mumbai. Yes, we are everywhere, native Benai Israel Mumbai Jews as well as the Chabad family living in the city, who serve Jews passing through, as well as American and Israeli businessmen.

If you want to hear Goldman and the Rabbi discuss, it’s here.

‘ >Mumbai Broadcast #4

UPDATE: It’s weird to think that just a week ago, I was standing in the doorway of 770, the Chabad-Lubavich world headquarters, that just a year ago I was in Mumbai, cutting the Chabad house out of my plans to make room for my intestinal parasite. That just hours before this mess began, I took off the hamsah that i have been wearing for five years, through Jerusalem and Mumbai, through New York and Los Angeles and in the loving embrace of an Arab and an Israeli, the luck charms Muslims call “hand of Fatima” that has hugged to the heart of  Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews.

Besides my superstitions, two things strike me as horrible and terrifying and weighty tonight, amid all the carnage and horror that has happened over the past 36 hours.

One, that I’ve spent the past six months on a novel about ‘terror taxis’ that blow up on crowded city streets, only to have Ambassador taxis explode in city streets i have all to recently visited.

Two, that the single Chabad-Lubavicher to so far be rescued from what we can only pray is a simple hostage situation in the Chabad house in Mumbai is a two-year-old named Moshe . Moshe, whose mother put him in a basket praying he could float from certain death into the arms of a tenous peace. Moshe who led his people out of bondage, only to find a land that lies rent from war, whose soil seems sewn with bitterness.

These are people who have gone to India for life to serve Jews around the world, not to proselytize. Ech, how can this be happening? It’s hard to admit that it hurts more when it’s your own, but it does. I’m so upset, you can read the news report.

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