A very moving letter from Rabbi Avi Rabin of Chabad

Dear Friends,
Our hearts are shattered at the news from Mumbai where Rabbi Gabi and Rivka Holtzberg, were among those murdered in the terrorist attack on the Chabad House there. And tonight their little son Moshe’le will mark his second birthday…

We have no words, we have no answers. We don’t begin to understand Hashem’s ways, nor are we expected to. Only Hashem Himself can restore the light of Moshe’le’s life, and comfort him and the rest of this aching world.

We only know that until He does that, we must continue their life’s work. They deserve no less.

We will continue to try and emulate Gabi and Rivka, to seek out our brothers and sisters in every corner of the globe with love and commitment, to give every one of them the opportunity to ignite the flame of their souls until that day when, in a world filled with THAT reflected light and warmth, G-d Himself will wipe the tears from every face.

It’s almost Shabbos. Candle lighting time tonight is 4:27pm. In a world that has become so much darker, can we try to bring in some light? If you do not regularly light Shabbat candles,light them this week. If you do light Shabbat candles encourage a friend to also light this week. For the men put on Tefillin today. We should all give charity in their honor.

Families gather when they’re hurting – perhaps we can comfort one another. We’ll have Shabbos services tonight at 5:30 P.M. and at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow, Shabbat morning, at  Chabad of West Hills 23747 Roscoe Blvd. West Hills Ca 91304.
The community is invited to join us.
May we merit the ultimate time of salvation and happiness with the coming of Moshiach NOW!!!!!
Rabbi Avi Rabin


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