OMFG, A.R. Rahman/M.I.A. collaboration

If you’ve been following the Slumdog Millionare phenomenon, you may already know that venerable Indian composer and Bollywood kingmaker A.R. Rahman has collaborated with Sri Lankan grime-goddess M.I.A. on an original song called O…SAYA for a the Slumdog Millionare (aka indiawonderkindfilm) soundtrack, marking yet another thing that makes this work AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, AND OSCAR SHOE-IN. Buy it now.

(FUN FACT: Although M.I.A. is, as of Paper Planes (remember that song i was screaming in yer ear about in summer 07?) a brand onto herself, virtually no one among my non- South Asian friends and Roanne knows A.R. Rahman from Adam. Yet, he is among the top 25 biggest selling musicians of all time. hmm….interesting)

In a time when all we hear is bad news from Bombay (including the attrocious and criminally simpleminded  and racist article from todays NYTimes) Slumdog is *hope-hope* the thing to drag us out. Out of the “ancient hatreds” bullshit, out of the lie that Mumbai is some heathen place where terrorism is any more natural than it is in New York City. If you somehow live under a rock and haven’t heard of this movie, it’s based on the  book  Q and A by Vikas Swarup. I’m planning to read it this weekend (despite! insane amounts of J-school work), and I’ll post a review. Also in the works, a point-by-point teardown of the above-mentioned Times piece, and some personal musings on why American’s don’t know Amitabh Bachchan from their neighbor’s cat.

In the meantime, try and enjoy this on-air interview with Mr. Rahman, who’s Delhi concert my sister atteneded last year (DIL SE!!!!!!)

Also, here is the M.I.A. show I hit up in summer ’07. Killer


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