New Year’s Miracles (not so much)

The first post of 2009 comes in the form of a warning: be careful what you wish for. Or, more precisely, be careful what you write about—it might just come true.

First, there’s the tragedy of 61-year-old livery-cab driver Khadim Bhatti, who was killed on the job in Coney Island  Wednesday morning in pretty much the same time, place and manner I’ve been writing about fictional Pakistani Gypsy cab drivers being killed in The Reimagineers. (Click through the Reimagineers category tab to read excerpts).


Also interesting, though far less sinister, the Yiddish karaoke party I wrote about for the Times is now online in the form of an unmissable YouTube video. 

3rdworldimagineer, where amazing happens.


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One response to “New Year’s Miracles (not so much)

  1. Jess

    I don’t think I speak that message…

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