Is Eastside the new Westside in L.A.? And if so, where is it?


Copyright 2007 Ork Inc.

Copyright 2007 Ork Inc.


 Ok, so it’s been awhile since anybody thought that Santa Monica/Venice Beach/Culver City was the place to  be in L.A. (although they’re pretty nice places) and a quick minute  since we all wanted to be seen in West Hollywood, Melrose and Fairfax, but if you’re looking to be ogled in the city’s hottest new scene, you might want to figure out where it is first. Then you might want to tell the hipsters at the LAT, because  according to LA Observed they’re a little lost

For clarification, Silverlake, Echo Park, Boyle Heights and their Williamsberg-esque environs are the new, well, Williamsberg. For L.A., so with less money and more M.A.C. And what is a hipsterville without a moniker? 

Enter the Eastside. 

In case you missed the latest chapter in L.A.’s redubbing drama (never since Mumbai have city name-games been so fraught), we are way past the rechristening of South Central…eh, South Los Angeles.  Now is the troublesome problem of the Eastside, so called perhaps because it is east of where everybody used to hang out, and not because it is actually very east. Really, its more of downtown (see above).

Will this be like the endless subdividing of cleverly CaPItAiZEd and suffixed nabes in Manhattan? Like the creeping hipster invasion of Sunset Park as even that becomes “South Park Slope”? Or is it already like the Mission (and therefore like so many other SF nabes), which has bled into inner and outer and upper and lower until half the damn Peninsula is the Mission? WHERE, DEAR SWEET G-D, IS THIS MYTHIC EASTSIDE? And where, oh where will it ever end?



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