Today’s Lesson—don’t sell shit out of your apartment


because it’s totally not legal. After a ten minute lecture on why I should DEFINITELY NOT sell imported/out-of-city/Indian-Res cigarettes from my apartment, a soon-to-be lawyer now working in public defender-land clued me into one of the more common felonies in New York City. Namely, selling shit out of your apartment.
In economic times like these, it’s not hard to imagine why people would be hawking everything from black market cigarettes to Christmas decorations (like the ones i saw going for a dollar a crate in Union Square last night) from their homes. One look at Criagslist’s Free Stuff in New York gives you a sense of how desperate people are to drop everything and get the hell out of here. Ps. Look for daily updates of Free Stuff, school lunch menus and Blyn Public library activities from 3WI, coming soon. 

  After the wild success of ,  I guess it’s not that weird that Brooklyn Heights Councilman David Yassky wants to let industrious farmer John types  in his district keep fucking bees and sell their vomit inside the city limits. That sounds…briliant

Like trading your underwear for a Hyundai, ala Russia in its second (or fifth) post-Soviet slump, where barter is “back on the table”, according to The New York Times. The hero of Saturday’s article is German L. Sterligov, who came out of self-imposed Tolstoiesqe exile to modernize the most banal of Soviet practices—by putting it online. Yes, we live in interesting times.


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