The 3WI NYC Recession Survival Diet

Looking for a way to save money in one of the world’s most expensive cities can be a challenge. Even if you buy all your shoes at V.I.M. in Coney Island ($10 Nikes are totally worth the schlep) and your rent gets knocked down a peg after your elevator is permanently disabled, the cost of everyday living here can be astronomical. Yes, that McDonald’s in Bushwick takes foodstamps, but lets not go there.
One of the biggest (and most overlooked) of these is diet, and the best way to both improve the quality and the price of food is to cook it at home.
In the spirit of the shnorer, 3WI humbly offers the NYC Survival Diet (veggie Kosher addition): healthy living tips for hungry NY’ers

Step 1) Stock up—below is an abridged list of things to get you started.


Splenda, individual packets—free anywhere coffee is sold.
Elite Instant Turkish Coffee with Cardamon and Amaretto CoffeeMate creamer—$2.49 each at Tel Aviv Market on Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn
Arnold Bakery Lite Bread or equivalent— about $3 at local grocery
Fruit Preserves, assorted—$0.99 at Jack’s World on 33rd St.
Sunmaid Raisins— $1.00 at local grocery
Osem Brand Israeli Couscous—$1.99 at Fairway
Masoor Dal—$2.99 at Patel Bros. Market in Jackson Heights, Queens
Osem Vegetarian Consomme, assorted flavors—$4.99 at Fairway
Two Cans each: Whole boiled tomatoes, tomato paste, kidney beans and chickpeas, and spinach— about $ 0.99 each, don’t pay more.

In the Fridge:
Andy’s Romaine Hearts—$2.99 at local grocery
French or Bulgarian Feta—about $5.00 a pound at local grocery
Friendship Cottage Cheese—about $3.00
Friendship Spreadable Farmer Cheese—$2.00 each, but buy the local variety in Brighton Beach, assorted flavors.
Frozen Strawberries—$5 for a 4 lbs bag, goes well with milk, soy milk, cream or CoffeeMate
Two heads green cabbage— $0.39 a pound
Two lbs raw beats— price may vary, but never pay more than $0.50 a pound. ( use in borscht or boil them for ~30 min, peel by hand and enjoy)
Sabra Green or Red Zhug—$3.49 each, and worth every penny
Two pounds tomatoes, any—$0.99 a pound
One bag raw yellow onions—price may vary
One bag raw garlic—ditto
One bag small apples—about $2.50 each
Eggs, one dozen— $1.99 for the cheap kind

Finally, here are  three Fail Safe Recession Recipes, linked for your convenience:
Saag Dal—this recipe subs beet greens for spinach—save your greens

Russian Borscht

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