Publisher’s Lunch (I knew there was a reason I was still subscribed)

Ok, so I read the NYMag Intelligencer and kinda knew this was coming, BUT checkut what publisher’s lunch is reporting

This one’s a scrolldown


Robin Oliveira’s MY NAME IS MARY SUTTER, set in the mid-19th century, following the aspirations and difficulties of a brilliant, somewhat odd, yet remarkable young midwife from Albany, New York whose lofty hope of becoming a surgeon far exceeds what her family, physicians, and medical schools of her time are willing to accept, and she travels to Washington, DC to work in the Civil War hospitals, only to find the challenges formidable and the pull of home unavoidable, to Kathryn Court at Viking Penguin, in a pre-empt, by Marly Rusoff of Marly Rusoff & Associates (NA).

Former editor of The Village Voice Literary Supplement Ralph Sassone’s THE INTIMATES, a portrait of connection and the many ways of belonging that focuses on a couple, spanning years and continents, beginnings and ends, as their connection to one another comes to define their place in the world, to Jonathan Galassi of Farrar, Straus, by Bill Clegg at William Morris Agency (NA).

Actor (also enrolled in the graduate creative writing department at NYU) James Franco’s collection of short stories, to Nan Graham at Scribner, for publication in spring 2010, by Richard Abate at Endeavor.

Maile Chapman’s YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED AT SUVANTO, the story of an isolated American nurse working at a remote convalescent women’s hospital in 1920s Finland and the mounting menace that takes hold of the place, to Ethan Nosowsky at Graywolf, for publication in April 2010, by Jim Rutman at Sterling Lord Literistic (World English).


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