But bears are my friends too (dancey-dance, motherfucker)

so, for a while now, i’ve been mourning the loss of a stellar Yo Gabba Gabba anecdote from my Master’s Project (Due March 23rd). i know, i know, you’re scratching your head right now wondering ‘but sonja, what would an un-stellar Yo Gabba Gabba anecdote even look like?’ and you know, right now i’m hardpressed for an answer. but try as i might, i just couldn’t square Broby with my advisor, whose tastes run a little more serious. boo.

yogabbagabbasmallAnd then it struck me!

Try this on for size: Tomorrow morning when you wake up all bleary-eyed and strung out, imagine you’re pint-sized heartthrob Elijah Wood, choosing which shade of sunshine-yellow shirt to wear while slam-dancing on Yo-Gabba-Gabba. And remember, bears are your friends too.

go crazy, motherfucker


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