Small Mystery Solved

Ever Wondered What’s Upstairs from Zeitgeist?


Yes, I know it's blurry.

Direct from Craigslist:

Ever wondered what’s upstairs from Zeitgeist?? It is an SRO hotel, with rooms for rent on a month to month basis, for $600.00 per month. Each room is single occupancy only. Bathrooms, showers, and coin-operated laundry are located at the end of the hall. The rooms are all about 10’x10′, with a sink, a window, and a locking door. Facilities are clean and the other tenants are relatively well behaved and friendly. There is a $650.00 deposit required upon move in, as well as the first months rent, equalling a total of $1250.00 for move-in costs. Utilities are included in rent. There is free wireless internet, although it tends to be rather slow. We are pet-friendly, although it depends upon the pet (if you leave your dog home alone all day and it barks every time someone moves, it’s just not going to work out!) PLEASE keep in mind that this hotel is located upstairs from a rather loud, popular bar, so there is a certain amount of noise to be expected, although it really isn’t too bad… We try to keep this place mellow and easy going. If you can pay your rent on time and don’t cause problems, then you would probably be a good fit here. There are no cooking facilities on the premises. There is no parking provided. There are communal bike hooks, but if they happen to be filled, you are expected to keep your bike in your room.
If you are interested in a room, please send an email describing yourself and what you do, along with a reference to the email above. Oh, by the way, if you are a speed freak or a junkie, please do not apply!

Mad Classy.


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