MTA goes Delhi Style

Gothamist reports that the MTA may replace the ubiquitious yellow MetroCard with a fancy new smart-card, ala the Delhi Metro, within the  next two years. For anyone who has yet to dedicate a special pocket in their purse/backpack/skinny jeans to their MetroCard, this should be welcome news. To anyone who’s ever ridden the super-crowded metro in India, this should have been obvious. 

For those not in the know, it’s the slam your purse method–whereby commuters simply buzz through the metro without having to actually remove their card–has long been in effect (with great success and happiness) in much of the rest of the world. Except in Paris, where it is fashionable to litter the ground with little violet and teal metro tickets, we should be applauding any effort that would reduce the environmental impact, loss and theft factor and general suck of Subway commuting. When you ferry an average  of 5 million riders each day, efficiency is clutch.   Updates to follow.


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