NYC Keeping it Real: Marriage Equality All About the Benjamins

Subhead: Civil Rights Fail

Well, it’s official folks: the California Supreme Court upheld voters’ ban on same  sex marriage in the Golden State, though it ruled to recognize those marriages performed before the ban took effect in November. A dumb but expected move, leading all my gay friends to simultaneously update their facebook status to 😦

On the Right Coast,  the New York City comptroller announced that legalizing gay marriage in New York would net the local economy some $210 million over the next 5 years (adjusted down to $178m if the economy hits the gay dream wedding market harder than expected).

I know, I know what you’re thinking. “But sonja, GAY MARRIAGE IS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE.” ok, duh. But if there’s one thing Republicans lovee more than the sanctity of marriage, it’s $$$. What Prop. 8 opponents failed to realize with their cheeky, equality and fraternity themed ad spots last fall is that Republicans and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints don’t give a fuck about our gay friends/parents/aunts/uncles/sisters/brothers and kids, but EVERYONE cares about the economy. 

Given that NYC is already the unofficial ‘most expensive place to get married’, wouldn’t it stand to reason that legalizing gay marriage would draw the big bucks? Obvs, but why not spell it out? The gay marriage bill currently ciruclating Albany may not make it through the state senate this time, but there’s always next year. That’s Imagineering

Kill em’ with kickbacks, NYC!

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