Debuting Daily Oddities, May 27th, 2009

Check out my Daily Oddities, 3WI’s SUPER SPARKLEY newest feature. A daily breakdown of weird, slightly funny, sometimes sad things happening on the block and in the world. If you don’t comb the international dailies with you’re antenna wired and your weird-shit-o-meter on, you’d definitely missing it. PorWhy, when i am aggregating it for you?????
And just for shits and giggles, today’s Daily Oddities, RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. desfruta, bitches!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
B’klyn: Bushwick is the place to be and the place to beat this summer in Brooklyn–another Beauty Bar, this one with fixtures from a Lancaster, PA salon, opens this weekend, to glitter and much applause. On the down-market end, the Costco in Sunset Park will begin accepting food stamps (making iit a lot like the McDonalds in Bushwick). A hipster at Lorimer J-train was mugged by a troupe of dancers, a cat named Tina Turner is still missing. In horrifying news,Maimonides Medical Center, which last year was the epicenter of the Brooklyn measles epidemic, is now ground zero for the killer H1N1 virus, which claimed 2 more New Yorkers this week. Horrors.
Cali: The Golden Gate Bridge turns 72 today! Columbo, the glass-eyed TV detective, is the subject of a vicious custody battle in Los Angeles. Or rather, Peter Falk, the 81-year-old actor who played him is, while wife and daughter duke it out in court. Meanwhile, the guys who duked it out in Bush v. Gore are back at it, this time on the same team (pst, the gay one!) rattling their judicial sabers at the next phase of the Prop 8 battle. GO TEAM
GLOBE: It’s BAAACK! Facebook is back in Iran. Mexico wants a statue to the first swine flu survivor (which we can only imagine in a ’28 days later’ sort of destructo scene). And that’s the show, folks!



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