BRIEFLY NOTED: All these things i’ve been waiting to tell you

Friday we’ll be back with Daily Oddities, just in time for the weekend. But for now, all the things we forgot to tell you about the world, this week.

Bk’lyn: First on things you’ve missed— Wall Street/Battery Park City/ Brooklyn Bridge Sad Panda, not so sad.  Better save the buck you would have used to cheer him up If you plan on taking a cab in Coney Island or Bushwick—riders can expect an 8.375% tax on those $7 rides, starting Monday. Speaking of Coney, last weekend saw the men of the FDNY go head to head with the ladies of the NYPD, tug-o-war style, while Borough President Marty Markowitz fought a tug of war with everybody over the ampetheater he wants tossed in the middle of Asher Levy Park (technically in Brighton Becah) best known as the home of dedushka chess duels. On a happier note, it looks like summer’s ICE CREAM TRUCK WAR might have a new flavor. And you totally thought I was going to say rainbow sherbert.  Why does this exisist? Beats me.

Cali: Briefly—Eastsides collide in LA and San Francisco settles it’s tiger attack for just under a milli. More to come on both, so stay tuned.

Globe: Swine flu=worse than you thought, Mumbai writes New Haven, and Cuba is back in the gang of American nations.

sorry about the delays—oddities will be back up tomorrow, so keep your eyes out!


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One response to “BRIEFLY NOTED: All these things i’ve been waiting to tell you

  1. He may not need the money, but you should still toss him a bone (bamboo stick?) if you take a photo with him. And why wouldn’t you? =]

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