EASTSIDE UPDATE—LAT scoops 2000 word expose on controversy it invented

Hello! It’s time again to visit the good ship LAT,  where we take you deep deep inside the west coast’s only major newspaper as it struggles for relevance and the $$$ to stay alfloat while draining the youth out of a small but significant generation of would be career reporters. For a fantastic chronicle of the paper’s decline, divert. If you prefer something lighter, keep reading.


If you’ve followed 3W1’s coverage in the past few months, you’ve probably read a good deal about the LAT/Eastside controversy. If not, the Times this week has a super-duper earnest Hipster vs. Hipspanic smackdown. Xavi Moreno wants you to know, Los Feliz can eat it—it’s not the Eastside.  BTW, Anyone who opted out of the Mixtec spelling of their name need not apply.

Exhibit A: The Eastside that’s east of the river, and the Eastside west of the river (which was first dubbed “Eastside” in a copy error by the LAT, reblogged into ubiquity, and by extension, correctness).  Eastside 1 has existed since the dawn of LA. Eastside 2.0 has existed since the late 2000’s. WINNER: Eastside 1

Exhibit B: The sudden and complete coup of Los Feliz/Echo Park/Silverlake over all that was Venice Beach/West Hollywood/Santa Monica vs. the continously crumbling, gentrification resisitant, educationally crumbling Bernal Heights et al. WINNER: Eastside 2.0.

Exhibit C: Cultural Prowess. As the article points out, Eastside 1 brought us the Chicano power movement, the LA riots, Antonio Villaraigosa and Ruben Salazar. Eastside 2.0 brought us ironic tatoos, zygote crushing skinny-jeans and Brooklyn comparisons galore. WINNER: ?

Whether or not you care, you’ve got to give it up to the rebel east-Eastside. They know how to rebel—

A year ago stickers declaring “This Is Not the Eastside!” were mysteriously plastered on telephone poles and sidewalks along Sunset Boulevard. A group of bloggers from www.laeastside.com also nabbed a stack of tour guides that said “Eastside” and, in symbolic protest, burned them during a potluck party.

That’s right LA. Stick(er) it to the man.


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