Daily Oddities, June 9th/10th

We’re starting this round of Daily Oddities with something everybody wants–a job! Today’s odd job listings include counting bees in New York City and catelouging controlled substances for the NYPD. Awesome much?

Now that you’re gainfully employed, lets take a quick gander around the globe.

GLOBE: Things are getting ridiculous in Russia, where the racing collapse of the post-Soviet economy (again) is producing the largest anti-Putin uprising ever, as even Russians admit Medvyedev has nothing to do with it. In other news, is this the fattest crime reporter you’ve ever seen? Is Moscow the best place ever to major in police blotter?

In India, small time farmers may soon be eligible for micro-insurance policies protecting against climate change. After much whining in at the UN, Sri Lanka has some revised numbers of this year’s war dead (cue streamers). It’s a lite news week for Mexico, where only one horrific, deadly event seems to be capturing headlines. Finally, even more  weirdness emerges on the Cuba front: today, we learn that a US couple in their 70s has been spying on the US for Havana for the past  several decades, before they were duped by American intelligence with Cuban cigars. Really?
B’klyn: As always, lots to report from the big B (not him, the other big B). Someone in the blogosphere just discovered Sunset Park. Welcome, interloper. You are being watched. Nextdoor, Borough Park’s Maimonadies Hospital’s massive baby boom explained to frumi Yiddish blog in non-miraculous terms. In other health related news, a man is arrested after swimming in sewage at Coney Island,  the Astroland star is now at the Smithsonian, and ice cream truck wars keep on keeping on (incidentally, i think Ice Cream Truck wars are a perfect example of water finding it’s own level. ie, as much as I ❤ Gothamist, this is about as hardhitting as they get vis-a-vis original reporting). Finally, someone lives for $8,000 a year, and we think that rocks (and also smells, just a little).
Cali: Oakland will issue ID’s to undocumented immigrants in a push to help them get better social services and generally live like the rest of us. Another reason Oakland is “an island of calm in a sea of chaos.” In yet more absurd, self-referential riffing, the LATimes pens a first person opinion piece about the controversy they invented by deciding, more or less randomly, to redraw the neighborhood maps for all of LA. The New York Times has a super-exciting story about Mixtec Radio, which broadcasts an  hour and a half of all Mexican indigenous-language talk-show from California across the country. Witch Baby is burning after a conservative group decided to torch Francescia Lia Block’s Baby Bee-Bop, to which Lia Block was like, oh snap, cool.  And, oh yeah, Villaraigosa has a new reporter-girlfriend, Lu Parker.


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