The Absolute Cheapest Fro-Yo there IS

Every bit better than Pinkberry/Red Mango/KiwiBerri/Papamingo/TuttiMelon (notice how YogurtLand wasn’t in that list? That’s because YogurtLand is still better), Quickly’s new take on Korean Fro-Yo is so cheap, you’ll do a double take. And again. Whaaa?


What makes Quickly (globally ubiquitous purveyor of Boba) ahead of the game here is 80/20 pricing to quality. While they still beat more boutique yogurt with their fluffy not-too-frozen texture, they’re beating the pants off market leaders like Pinkberry (now synonymous with Korean yogurt) with their price. Not only do they offer a 5 oz yogurt for 89 cents (reduced to 59 on Special), for another 99 cents, you get unlimited toppings. UNLIMITED TOPPINGS.

Now, anyone who knows the current Korean fro-yo craze knows that rub in the “natural” frozen yogurt  market has always been the toppings—an assortment of fresh fruits, nuts and a colorful and healthy-ish selection of bite-sized treats. The yogurt itself is good, but the toppings are what sets it apart, and what attracts the deep-pocketed health conscious consumer who has helped launch this product into the stratosphere. Put fruit on anything, and you are garunteed to snare the health nuts.

But really, toppings is where fro-yo pushers make their rent. For half again the price of a small at Pinkberry, you can get exactly one ounce of one topping. As someone who’s worked in the Frozen Yogurt industry (pre-Pinkberry), I can promise you this much hasn’t changed.

Before you were enjoying it, your yogurt was a huge frozen block (if you’re lucky—otherwise it was a powder), and when you factor in the cost of shipping said blocks, plus the cost and maintanence for the machines that make it into that stuff you so love to eat, the chains aren’t turning  a profit on the juice itself (which is why you will notice Pinkberry employees weighing out each cup before they give it to you). No, toppings, like concessions at a movie theater, is where the real money is. Which is why “tart” yogurt is so genius, because nobody’s going to eat that shit plain.

Which is precisely why Quickly’s fro-yo scheme is so delicious. They can pull the rug out from under their competition without risking any real financial loss. I suggest we all go get one right now.


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