Daily Oddities: July 14th, 2009

Minnie the Elephant from Connecticut helped consecrate the Ganesh Temple in Flushing Queens (next to the Dosa Hutt where I did a long set of interviews with Sri Lankan Tamil refugees just before the close of the death of Prabhakaran) last week, after years of renovation. For those of you who haven’t made it out there, the NYT has pictures . But pictures can’t possibly describe the eclectic, multi-national community that has built this temple into one of the biggest Hindu religious centers in the United States. And also the dosas, the dosas are to die for.

Over in Crown Heights, Chabad finally unleashed ChabadMatch, its Shaadi.com-alike dating site on the world. Across the way in Boro Park, Bubbi Esther discovered some very interesting extras on the VHS tape of Austin Powers she had borrowed from the Brooklyn Public Library for her grandkids.  A Flatbush hack wants to take the fight against a new 50-cent surcharge all the way to City Hall, The City Room uncovers why your 75-cent small with Splenda and cream is flacking for Capital One, and somebody finally hates the L-train as much as it deserves. Unfortunately, that person might be a total whackjob. Free Copy Here.

While that guy is pumping yet more useless information into the world, the Kremlin has completely pinched one of the major sources of historical documents and information from the Soviet period, in a move academics say is intended to cover up Stalinist abuses and the now-infamous non-agression pact. The Delhi subway project is still completely fucked, and a new UN report suggests that China’s neo-colonialism (buying up land in poor countries and farming it for their exclusive use) is even more dystopic and terrifying than you thought.


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