Daily Oddities: July 17, 2009

Os Gemeos

Recognize this? It's the unfinished mural by Os Gemeos, whose work adorns the facade across from the Stillwell Avenue Subway in Coney Island

It’s another day in the neighborhood, and Oddities are all around us. In fact, I’d say it’s a banner week for weird.


Despite preliminary approval for the city’s first Wal-Mart, Brooklynites are still fighting the man, while the Man uncovers coaching documents for Chinese immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. Classic Man-hating gutter punks (so familiar to any resident of the Bay Area) have infultrated Williamsburg, an underground climbing gym in Greenpoint closes after the Local writes them up, then eliminates the post, and Animals also had a banner week of weird: Jerry Stiller will never again visit Sea World after watching a film that depicts the terror of trained dolphins, the Brooklyn girl who baked a kitten (whose name is the same as my mom’s kitten) tells off animal activists and Sad Panda, the poster child of weird,  is Missing!!! In non-weird or animal related news, Brokelyn has your best bets for book-swapping in the borough. Plaza de Armas it ain’t, but worth a look for bibliophiles.


FailedMessiah has a map of Orthodox riots in Israel and child-star Rubina Ali thinks Nicole Kidman is “weird” because she’s “afraid of the sun” and doesn’t come out of her trailer.

More to come…


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