SFist licks Dave Eggers Balls, Balls in General

Ok San Francisco, I know i say this a lot, but WHAT THE FUCK? How is it that the home of every significant new Internet application/company/miniature-phenomenon, there are no follow-worthy blogs? The Bay Area is a diverse, innovative, populous fucking place…and THIS is what you have to say for yourselves? Putting aside for just a moment my blinding, suffocating HATRED of Dave Eggers and all for which he stands (srrsly you guys, this guy is going to save journalism?), SFist’s source on this weekend’s MUNI crash–in which 50 people were injured and zero Chron reporters managed to get it for hours and hours and hours–comes from inside the Chronicle, the most inept news-gathering agency ever to cover a major metropolitan unopposed.  Is it yet more proof that without a decent mainstream media, the blogosphere has nothing to say? That’s certainly one theory. But coming from a competitive news-blog in Brooklyn, where blogs are as ubiquitous as  failed civic projects, or pitbulls, or NorthFace fanny-packs (super ubiquitous), I just don’t get it. Even LA is overflowing with MSM and non-MSM competitors. The Bay Area is about the most navel-gazing place I know (except maybe New York, but New York imagines it’s the center of the world, so New York’s navel gazing is unintentionally outward) so why no navel-gazing Internet news presence? Does anyone even read SFist? Hard to imagine, since they get all their news from the Chron and nobody reads the Chron.  The worst part is, SFist is part of a powerful franchise..LAist is omnipresent, crowdsourced and corner-lurking. Gothamist is just, well, ubiquitous. Even the smaller cities manage to find a niche. SFist just sucks (or licks balls, however you like).

The point being, this market is so wide open. So why in the name of Menachem Mendel Schneerson are there NO GOOD BLOGS COMING OUT OF THE BAY AREA? And if you say Valleywag, I will punch you. Valleywag is prime vintage Gawker, and you know it.


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One response to “SFist licks Dave Eggers Balls, Balls in General

  1. Hadrian

    It’s not a blog, but sfappeal.com is pretty good.

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