Dov Charney Cries Over Lost Workers

Although I am crying as I write you this letter, I am confident that immigration reform will be achieved in the near future – Dov Charney

For once, Dov Charney is not being sarcastic, or self-referentially ironic, or just shitting you when he says he’s crying, fucking crying over the 1500 workers his Downtown LA factory will shed this fall after it was discovered they didn’t have the documentation to work in the States.

I’m not being sarcastic either. It’s a sad, sad day for retail when Old Navy can employ indigent Indonesian children to sew their Plus-Size line and American Apparel can’t hire hardworking adults from Pico Street to sew zebra-print thongs for the perilously thin. I AM BEING COMPLETELY SERIOUS.  IT’S SAD.

To emphasize the point, Charney penned a letter to his followers out there in Internetland, describing his grandparents difficult journey to the New World and their pride in seeing the company they helped him form.

It is my belief that immigrants bring prosperity to any economy. They become motivated workers, and they sometimes become motivated business owners like me. They bring fresh ideas, optimism, and passion to any economy and they help contribute to a prosperous future.

Unfortunately, Charney writes, Obama isn’t getting immigration reform done (although maybe he should be kissing the man’s feet for writing him a letter instead of rounding up his workers and summarily deporting them ala AgroProcessors). Meanwhile, we have this shit clouding up the conversation. If you think healthcare is acrimonious, don’t stick around for immigration.


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