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El-Al Tefillin Bomb Ad


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For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Police are trying to track down the psycho parents of a toddler who was ABANDONED in a stroller on an UES sidewalk after a fight. The only shred of evidence is a receipt for baby shoes (from H&M), never worn, which has since led to the arrest of the baby’s father for reckless endangerment of a child. Bet Hemingway never thought about that.

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Must See: Don’t-Stop-Non-Stop Gogol Bordello

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Daily Oddities, July 23rd, 2009

We’ve got lots to talk about today, so lets get right down to the real serious stuff.

Globe: Things still really suck for EU little cousins Bulgaria and Romania, where infighting, corruption and graft are making it difficult to get anything done. Vote-buying, which we’ve mentioned before, is easy when your political power is less valuable (and less real) than a few kilos of sugar. Someone finally explains the decriminalization of homosexuality in India, which was confusing us, and scientists learn that chimps really had AIDS all along.  Chief Rabbis have threatened to un-kosher certain veggies for overspraying, and the first trials of a new swineflu vaccine are underway in the land down under!

California: As we repored earlier, it’s going to be a hot motherfucker in the Southland this weekend. Which apparently won’t stop people from lining up around the corner for social services from the Mexican Consulate (brought to you by the department of obvious feature stories).

If you want social services in Brooklyn: Brokelyn’s got a special report on all the places you can recieve medical care if you haven’t got a pesky little thing called insurance. Which could come in handy if you happen to run into one of the CRAZY RABID RACOONS terrorizing the boroughs or if you happen to be part of the half of New York City that is overweight.

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Life’s a Beach!

Even though it’s anything-but-beach weather in the Sunset, I’ve decided we’re taking a slight detour through some beach related news today, so hang onto your Lotto visers boys and girls, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

It’s been a big week for Coney Island. As the beachfront neighborhood wears down it’s third last summer in a row, the New York City Council may finally make a flipping decision about the Future of Coney Island©.  After truely endless bickering in the autitorium at Coney Island Hospital (Avenue Z, holla back), the City Council rubber stamped Bloomburg’s unpopular rezoning plan for the famed (and decrepit, and even sadder than last season) urban playground. Joe Sitt and the strange bedfellows of Save Coney Island still aren’t happy, so the July 29th vote should be pretty interesting.

In other beach related news, LA is expecting record heat and hunormous waves, meaning you probably won’t be allowed  in the water even though the beaches will all be super crowded. Also, in super weird beach news, my ex-boss just crossed over to the dark side. According to LA Observed, Phillip Sanfield, former EIC of a newspaper that covers Los Angeles from LAX to the LA Harbor is leaving to flack for….the LA HARBOR. Leaving journalism for PR is sort of out there enough, but leaving to spin for your ex-nemisis? I guess he’s well qualified….

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I have Google Voice

And it’s the coolest thing in the world.  Dr. T and I got the inside skinny about pre-invites (to the nerdiest party in the world), signed up, and then, this Friday, it happened: the launch of the most exciting app since GMAIL–Google Voice.

In the non-geek media world, most people’s first reaction to Google Voice was exactly the same as their first reaction to Gmail or Google Docs (*actually, it’s still most people’s reaction to Google Docs, but more on that in a minute*) …wow, that sure sounds cool, but I’ve already got a cell phone/iPhone/Blackberry/office-line. In an era when we’re all biologically invloved with our communication devices, being able to receive all your calls in the same place with digital tracking might sound redundant/horrible. The market for cheap international calls is still largely the domain of Skype, and digitized calling-cards make Google Credits even more dubious as business propositions go. Fortunately, we’re already perverting the system. As always, the coolest thing about a new Google app isn’t what it’s programmed to do, but what users actually do with it.

If you’re like us (young, over-educated and underemployed) you’re probably living on the fringes of the legitimate world, always scraping together another scheme. Dr. T is starting a business, and I’m constantly freelancing. Unfortunately, out area-codes don’t always match our ambitions. Think nobody’s reading into your prefix? Well, they are.  Case in point: ever tried to work in New York City with a California (###)? Even sources wrinkle their noses at some out-of-city digits. And editors? Fuggetabout it.

But selling stories is small potatos compared to seeking $M’s worth of funding for a clean-energy startup. Selling Silicon Valley with San Fernando Valley extension? Callers immediately know it’s a cell, and worse, they know you’re too young or too broke to have a local number.  Or at least, they used to know it.

Google Voice doesn’t just allow you to manage your analog conversations in a digital format. It also lets you chose your number (or at least, your area-c0de), sort of like a telephonic pseudonym. Do a lot of business in Atlanta?  Sign up in time and you can receive calls (and dial out with your smart phone) from a 404. Not only are you more accessible to persnickety public organs, like schools and others notoriously adverse to dialing out, you’ve got the pale of legitimacy to new local contacts. For the Dr. and I, our (###) always belied how long we had lived in a particular place and how much we really knew about it. I’m stoked to see where other creative types take the newest app in the Google family, even as the tide of approval may be turning for the company.

Now if only I could figure out how to save old txts to my computer…

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Daily Oddities: July 17, 2009

Os Gemeos

Recognize this? It's the unfinished mural by Os Gemeos, whose work adorns the facade across from the Stillwell Avenue Subway in Coney Island

It’s another day in the neighborhood, and Oddities are all around us. In fact, I’d say it’s a banner week for weird.


Despite preliminary approval for the city’s first Wal-Mart, Brooklynites are still fighting the man, while the Man uncovers coaching documents for Chinese immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. Classic Man-hating gutter punks (so familiar to any resident of the Bay Area) have infultrated Williamsburg, an underground climbing gym in Greenpoint closes after the Local writes them up, then eliminates the post, and Animals also had a banner week of weird: Jerry Stiller will never again visit Sea World after watching a film that depicts the terror of trained dolphins, the Brooklyn girl who baked a kitten (whose name is the same as my mom’s kitten) tells off animal activists and Sad Panda, the poster child of weird,  is Missing!!! In non-weird or animal related news, Brokelyn has your best bets for book-swapping in the borough. Plaza de Armas it ain’t, but worth a look for bibliophiles.


FailedMessiah has a map of Orthodox riots in Israel and child-star Rubina Ali thinks Nicole Kidman is “weird” because she’s “afraid of the sun” and doesn’t come out of her trailer.

More to come…

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