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UPDATE: Honduran Coup (and why you shoud care)


If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t read about Honduras, the elbow of Central America. And as a strategy, that’s pretty much valid. After all, the ex banana republic is seriously lacking exciting dictators, Marxist guerrilla movements and sexy regetoneros.  The closest Tegucigulpa had to a Chavez or a Daddy Yankee was Chavez-buddy Manuel Zelaya and a legacy of old-fashioned Yanqui Imperialism. Nearly two decades after the cold war, a country of 7.5 million whose major exports are Dole bananas and Hanes Her Way  and whose GDP is 90% USAID could hardly be considered strategic. And yet, Sunday’s coup should be shocking your pants off, if only because it is the first successful coup in Latin America since the fall of the Soviet Union. Morover, for the first time in collective memory, an American president has vociferously denouced the ousting of a quasi-socialist, vaguely anti-American Latin American leader, because he was democratically elected. It’s a far cry from Bush’s vocal support of the failed coup against Chavez in 2002. But the real test will come Thursday, when Zelaya has annouced he will make a dramatic return to Tegucigulpa on the arm of OAS buddies. For the love of G-d, KEEP READING!!!


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The Obama Admin. Workout Plan


Haraz N. Ghanbari/Associated Press

Haraz N. Ghanbari/Associated Press



  Whether you want Presidential proportions in time for bikini season, or you’re still struggling after that New Years resolution, consider the 44th President your new role model. 


  The Guardian gaped at Obama’s formidable workout regime back in November, which quotes from a Men’s Health article in which the President copped to a 45-minute daily routine that alternates between cardio and strength training. Unfortunately, the details are still fuzzy. 

But the Commander-in-Chief is not the only one hyping the body-mind connection. 

White House Chief-of-Staff, No. 2 Man and all around sabra hottie Rahm Emanuel mimics Obama’s exhausting workout schedule, swimming a mile at the Y most mornings. According to the New York Times:

 On days he does not swim, he works out — and conducts business — at the House gym: 25 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the elliptical, 120 sit-ups, 55 push-ups and many sweaty conversations with his former colleagues.

Want inaugural abs? Be a patriot, and follow the example.

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