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No. 1 Herb

“A Dominican dork can stand for everybody“—Junot Diaz, Oct. 3rd, 2008

How fucking imagineery is that? This is my post-post (ok, week late) breakdown of the New Yorker Festival “Where I Come From” lecture, with three of my favorite lit dorks, Sherman Alexie (a Spokane Indian) , Shalom Auslander (an ex-Orthodox Jew), and of course, Junot Diaz (A Dominican New Jersey transplant). It’s lame to include the race markers here, but if you don’t know the crew, it bears later.  In keeping with the spirit of the lecture, and probably with the fact that none of my pictures turned out, I am including lots and lots of %$&*^, et al. If you want a more stayed report of the event, you can check out the New Yorker offical wrap-up. But personally, I think they missed the fucking point.

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